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Empowering Sustainable Choices with PlanetPoints

Join our mission to provide detailed sustainability reports for products, empowering users to make informed, eco-friendly choices.

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Product Sustainability Report

Get a detailed report on the sustainability of products, including environmental impact and eco-friendliness.

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Brand Environmental Record

Assess the environmental practices and records of brands to make more eco-conscious purchasing decisions.

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Packaging Eco-Friendliness

Evaluate the eco-friendliness of product packaging, helping you to choose products with minimal environmental impact.

Sustainable Living

Empowering Planet-Positive Choices

Join us in making a difference with every sustainable choice you make. Get a sustainability report for your everyday products and contribute to a greener planet.

Sustainability Report
Sustainability Report

Understand Product Impact

Scan products to receive a detailed sustainability report. Understand the impact of product ingredients, brand environmental record, and packaging eco-friendliness.

  • Scan and analyze product details
  • Get insights on environmental impact
  • Make informed, sustainable choices

Meet Our Team

Learn more about the talented individuals who make up our team and drive our success.

Team Member 01
— Spartahacks is an amazing experience! I learned a ton about new fremeworks and technologies along with my amazing team. We are the best no doubt!
David G. - Backend Dev
Team Member 02
— Spartahacks was undoubtedly my most successful hackathon to date. A huge shoutout to my incredible team; I couldn't have came close without them.
Jaydin F. - Frontend Dev
Team Member 03
— With Spartahacks being my first hackathon experience it was a blast! The team and I hacked hard and had good times.
Amanda K. - Backend Dev
Team Member 04
— This second time around for me here at Spartahacks was great. I love the product and love the team!
Grant D. - Mobile Dev